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How to make a regular sale How to add a show How to use the Help Desk

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How to set any new sales history additions to the top of the list, not the bottom of the general information tab

You can tell Wintix to make any automatic entries be placed at the top not toward the bottom of the General information tab in the sales record. Go to File | Initialization | Options 2 tab. Check the In a … Continue reading

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Where do you find a sales history within the sales record?

One of our Wintix users thought that all the notes and changes in a sale had disappeared. Please be aware that it never disappears. Go to the Sales record. Click on the Other information tab. Click the Sales history button. … Continue reading

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Is Wintix rounding up a ticket purchase price?

One of our Wintix users reported when she tried to input a price $22.50, Wintix would round it up to $23.00. This is a Microsoft Windows issue that has to do with how currency displays are set up. Go to … Continue reading

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Add information to Webtix by using Showinfo (Show info) for ALL performances of a show

NOTE: these instructions are for adding informational text to ALL performances of a show.  If you want instructions for adding information to SINGLE performances, click here. Wintix allows you to enter information about your shows that will appear on your … Continue reading

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Add special price or comp during GA sale

Did you know you can add a special price or a comp (complimentary) ticket while selling a GA (general admission) show? A comp ticket is complimentary so the price is 0 (zero). Special price is defined as a specially priced … Continue reading

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Flex season tickets: Use form choices (formchoices) to let patrons pick the performances they want

Are you going to sell flex season tickets or season packages where patrons will be able to choose which performances they want to see? For example, we have six shows with multiple performances in our season package. Each buyer can … Continue reading

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Tips on how to search for something on the Help Desk or other places online

For tips on how to NAVIGATE, rather than search, the Help Desk, click here. You can get better search results on our Help Desk or on Google or any search engine by using a few tools and tricks. Keep it … Continue reading

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Run a sales report in Wintix 6 – by run of show or single performance

You can run sales reports for a single performance or for the run of the show. For a report by single performance: Go to Reports | by Show | Single performance. A window with all the shows in the left … Continue reading

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Get a mailing/email list of subscribers to remind them to renew their season tickets/packages

There is a fairly simple way to run a report when asking subscribers to renew their season passes. You can run a spreadsheet to include email and physical address.You can run a spreadsheet that includes their email and physical address … Continue reading

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