How to use Scantix with an Android or iPhone

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

NOTE: The system administrator needs to give each clerk permissions to scan tickets by going to Tools | Passwords | Edit the list of users | Permissions | check Sales – Scan bar coded tickets and validate. 

Go here to learn the advantages of using Scantix.

Scantix makes bar code scanning a snap.

  • Touch the Scantix icon to open the app.

  • The Center Stage Software screen appears.

  • Next comes the log in screen.
  • Note the version number on the bottom left. Scantix will automatically update your app when there are improvements and changes.

  • Once you’ve logged in, the Today’s Events window appears.

  • Touch the event for the ticket you wish to scan.
  • Notice the options on this screen. You can check guests in or out, or look at the sales record data by touching Ticket Info.

Check someone in:

  • Aim the camera at the bar code.
    • Once the bar code has been scanned, you will see a screen similar to the one below. The bar code number is displayed and you are ready to scan more tickets.

  • If the ticket has already been scanned, you will receive an error message: “Ticket has already been scanned.”

  • If the ticket has not been scanned, but is for a different performance, you will receive an error message “Ticket is not valid for this performance.”

How to scan someone out:

  • At the main screen, touch Check out in the middle bottom.

  • Scan the bar code. This window will appear.

How to get information about tickets already scanned:

  •  If you need to retrieve information about the customer, purchase date, or seat assignments for a scanned ticket, go to the main scanning screen but this time, touch the Ticket Info button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Rescan the scanned ticket. You will bring up the sales information for that ticket.





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