You need two things to change a clerk during a sale edit

(Last updated on: June 19, 2020)

It’s a good idea to be able to tell which clerk edited a sale. To be able to change the clerk, though, you need to have two things.

  • You must require passwords in Wintix.
  • Each clerk must have a password and have permissions to change the clerk field.
  • In the example below, you can’t change the clerk.

  • First, go to¬†File | Initialization | Options 1 tab.
  • Check the Require passwords box and click Save settings.

  • Next, go to Tools | Password | Edit the list of users.
  • The person designated as sysadm needs to highlight the user and click the Permissions button.

  • Check the permission Admin – edit the clerk while editing a sale.

  • Now the sales record has a drop down menu in the Clerk field so you can change it.


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