Webtix Customization Instructions

(Last updated on: January 20, 2020)

General Notes

  • Only modify files that are absolutely necessary, specifically PHP / HTML. It is strongly
    encouraged that all modifications be done via CSS as extensively customizing the PHP /HTML files could cause unexpected results due to regular updates provided by Center
    Stage Software.
  • Person modifying Webtix should have a basic understanding of the following:
    • PHP & HTML
    • Javascript/jQuery
    • CSS

Customization Instructions

  • Note: The following files are not to be modified without specific direction from Center
    Stage Software. Doing so may result in unintended behavior of Webtix.

    •  _includes/config.php
    • Index.php
    • .htaccess
  • A custom home directory has been provided that includes any Webtix installations as
    well as access to the core Webtix application. The core Webtix application is located in a directory called ‘Webtix’ and is read only.
  • To make custom changes, the following provisions must be made:
    • The filename cannot be changed. The only time this is acceptable is when testing
      a change and want to compare versions.

      • For example:
      • A custom file has been added called main.css.
  • To compare against the original, renaming it to _main.css is acceptable.
    • Deleting files from the custom directory is acceptable. Doing so will revert that
      particular file back to the core version of the Webtix installation.
  • Example Customization
    • Customize the theming of the header and footer
    • Navigate to webtix/css/custom/{page_header.css | page_footer.css}
    • Copy the files from the above directory to the site’s _media/css/custom directory
    • This file can now be modified and customized
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