How to test your Scantix before using

(Last updated on: September 4, 2020)

It’s important to text Scantix before you start using it.

  • Add a test show or a performance to a regular show for testing. You can use either a reserved seats or general admission show.
  • The DATE of the performance needs to be the date you are testing because scanning only works on the day of the event.
  • Purchase tickets in-house or online.
    • Note: If you sell in-house, use cash as a payment type so you don’t need to void the credit card transaction.

After you have purchased your ticket and completed the sale:

  • In Wintix go to Sales | Sales records.
  • Find the sale.
  • Go to the Tickets tab.
  • Click the Print tickets tab.
  • The Printing tickets window appears.
  • Print the tickets to a PDF.

  • Scan the tickets. Scantix can scan bar codes on a piece of paper, from the image from email or from a cell phone or your computer monitor.
  • Go into Wintix and click on Reports | Other reports | Bar code scanning¬†to make sure the codes have been scanned correctly.


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