Default domains feature name of Webtix users, shortened URLs

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2020)

As of November, 2020, Center Stage Software has a new feature that will start rolling out in the coming weeks: default domains.

Default domains give clients a sense of customizability and uniqueness that promotes their brand management by featuring its name in several addresses. For example:

  • Web Server: becomes
  • Data Server: becomes
  • Email Address: becomes – this applies to both Wintix and Webtix email settings

What does it provide?

  • Shortened URLs for your Webtix instances as well as URLs that will never change unless requested. In the current way that URLs are handled, a site address was Quite a mouthful to type if you think about it. Now, the webtix site would simply be:
  • Additionally, it will also allow for emails to be sent via, providing more information on where the email is coming from, which should reduce spam notices.

What kind of expandability does it have?

  • The biggest expandability option that it provides is the ability to do custom domains. So instead of, the site could be, giving even further customizability for venues that want to offer a seamless experience.
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