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Record in use message after you’ve closed the record

Have you ever tried to open a sales record in Wintix and gotten the message “Record in use”? The most likely scenario is that someone else has the record open. Wintix stops users from more than one person able to … Continue reading

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No prices available for this seat on Webtix?

When someone tries to buy tickets on Webtix, do they get the message “The selected chart was not found” and “No prices available for this seat”? NOTE: This is applicable to season tickets, as well. Go to Edit a show. … Continue reading

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How to tell the date of your Wintix update

In Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix. Right click in the white rectangle. A date of the latest update will appear. Sometimes Windows will put the date you download the update in the white rectangle. Doing this action tells … Continue reading

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What are show notes and why use them?

Show notes are used as a call to action for anyone selling tickets in-house using Wintix. They can be reminders of something ticket sellers need to do or ask during a sale: “Do you need to buy a parking pass … Continue reading

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Sales records v. payment records reports

Sales records reflect all sales done whether the were paid for or not. The payment records report show those sales that have been paid for. The default for running reports in Wintix is payment records. To turn on the option … Continue reading

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Unspecified pay types?

Are you finding that there are unspecified pay types for online Webtix purchases? Go to Show | Edit a show | Internet options tab. Click the Domains button. Highlight the Domain name INTERNET. Make sure the Internet Credit Card box … Continue reading

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Is your label special ticket designer setup a different size than your ticket?

You could have your special ticket format set up to send to a regular printer instead of your thermal ticket printer. Special ticket formats are usually designed for specific shows or performances. Does the screen shot below look something like … Continue reading

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Instructional videos

How to make a regular sale How to add a show How to use the Help Desk

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How to set any new sales history additions to the top of the list, not the bottom of the general information tab

You can tell Wintix to make any automatic entries be placed at the top not toward the bottom of the General information tab in the sales record. Go to File | Initialization | Options 2 tab. Check the In a … Continue reading

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Where do you find a sales history within the sales record?

One of our Wintix users thought that all the notes and changes in a sale had disappeared. Please be aware that it never disappears. Go to the Sales record. Click on the Other information tab. Click the Sales history button. … Continue reading

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