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Are your custom tickets printing upside down?

This happened to one of our clients who uses custom tickets. The solution is to rotate the image on the ticket. NOTE: the “image” is whatever the ticket printer prints on the ticket. If you are using custom printed tickets, … Continue reading

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Add a “tickets on sale” message with future date and time in Webtix 6

Want to create some excitement on your Webtix site about an upcoming event but not ready to put the tickets on sale yet? Some ticketing companies will let you put a “coming soon” announcement but Webtix allows you to put … Continue reading

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Why are “Total capacity” and “Seat remaining” grayed out in Edit a Show?

If you open the Performance window, you can see that, in the example below, the Total capacity and Seats remaining functions are grayed out. This is because the Use a seating chart box has been checked. Wintix will only use … Continue reading

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No automatic update in Wintix 6? Can’t manually update Wintix 6?

Most likely, the problem is that your Wintix icon isn’t pointed at the right target.  The icon needs to connect to C:\Wintix6\startwintix6.exe Here is how to do that. Find the Wintix icon on your desktop and right click. Click on … Continue reading

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The Daily Sales Report – Wintix 6

It’s critical to run a Daily Sales Report every day! This report will guarantee that daily sales are input correctly. If any errors occur during input or if a Webtix sale did not complete because an online patron abandoned the … Continue reading

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Natalie Smigel’s Op/Ed (Stage 212) about merchants paying for credit card “rewards programs”

7-9-2019 Dear Editor, I would like to invite local businesses to join me in a campaign to call for change in the credit card industry. I am the Business Manager of a local nonprofit that accepts credit card payments. Recently, … Continue reading

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How to copy run of show prices in Wintix 6

Run of show prices are used to enter a price code into a show once and have it automatically appear in every performance. NOTE: Whether you add the run of show prices while adding a new show or by editing … Continue reading

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How to save or discard an original bar code in case of exchange or cancellation

If you are using Scantix to scan guests into your venue, you may need the ability to create a new bar code in the event of an exchange or cancellation. Go to File | Initialization | Sale settings. You may … Continue reading

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Adding images to your Webtix page – Wintix 6

Graphics make your Webtix page pop and keep your patrons engaged and eager to buy tickets. They are easy to add in Wintix. NOTE: make sure the image is a lower resolution (72 dpi) – that will allow you to … Continue reading

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Setting ticket printer settings inside Wintix – no environmental variable

If you  have an environmental variable, go here for instructions. If you don’t have an environment variable on the computer, here is what to do: In Wintix, go to File | Ticket setup | Windows printer setup – you now … Continue reading

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