Can Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel be used to track just one single event on our Webtix shopping cart?

The short answer is no, not at this time. There is no way to track only one event in a Webtix shopping cart. If you want to track only a single event, Center Stage Software will need to create a separate Webtix shopping cart for that event. Please be advised there will be the normal price structure in place for each shopping cart you have, but you can have a time limit on any of them to stay in place and active.

Webtix supports a single tracking code from a variety of providers, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels.

In order to install it, we need your specific tracking code, which is a web script supplied by your tracking provider. We install it in your site directory in the file _includes/_site_analytics.php. Once there, the analytics work automatically.

If you want to track specific events, the only solution for the time being is to spin up a secondary event-specific instance just for that event.

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