Can Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel be used to track just one single event on our Webtix shopping cart?

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2019)

The short answer is no, not at this time. There is no way to track only one event in a Webtix shopping cart. If you want to track only a single event, Center Stage Software will need to create a separate Webtix shopping cart for that event. Please be advised there will be the normal price structure in place for each shopping cart you have, but you can have a time limit on any of them to stay in place and active.

Webtix supports a single tracking code from a variety of providers, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels.

In order to install it, we need your specific tracking code, which is a web script supplied by your tracking provider. We install it in your site directory in the file _includes/_site_analytics.php. Once there, the analytics work automatically.

If you want to track specific events, the only solution for the time being is to spin up a secondary event-specific instance just for that event.

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