To learn about individual reports, please click on the links provided in the sub-navigation here in the Help Desk. They are listed under “By show, By day, By customer and Other reports.”

Here are brief descriptions about the ways to view a report

Browse the report or send to Screen, Printer, Spreadsheet, PDF, Email or File:
Wintix will run reports to your computer screen, directly to your printer, to a spreadsheet, a PDF, as a PDF attachment to an email, or to a file. Once you have selected the type of report to run, choose the type of output by accessing the dropdown menu.
Browse the report
This is a simple and quick way to look at the sales records. For more information, double click on an entry. You will go directly to the sales record.
Send to screen
Sending a report to screen (choose RUN the report, not BROWSE the report) allows you to preview the report before printing. The report you specified will appear in the Report Preview window. A navigation and print toolbar will also appear. Use the navigation
buttons to move through your report. (If this toolbar does not appear, right click anywhere in the report to access it.)

Send to printer
Sending a report to printer prints the report to your windows default printer.
TIP: Are your reports a funny size? Check the printer icon for the default printer. The paper size should be 8½ x 11 letter size. The most common area for trouble here is that someone has set the ticket printer as the default printer. If that is the case,Windows will obediently attempt to format an 8½ x 11 report on 2″ x5 ½” ticket stock. If you have several people printing to the same ticket printer and report printer, you need to tell Wintix where to send the print jobs.

Send to spreadsheet

You can export the report to a spreadsheet such as Excel or Open Office Calc. This allows you to sort, filter and manipulate the data. In some cases, this spreadsheet is used to create email or mailing lists for marketing purposes.

Send to PDF

PDFs are often the best choice for sharing with others. PDFs also allow collaboration by using the comments feature.

Send to Email

Wintix will send your report to a PDF and attach it to an outgoing email message in one step for easy sharing.

Send to file
Sending a report to file allows you the to access the file and make any adjustments you like before printing. There are three types of files Wintix: .DBF (database) file, a spreadsheet and a comma delimited text file. A text file can be accessed in your favorite word processor to do any editing or formatting you wish. A .DBF file can be accessed in a database manager or spreadsheet application where you can do any altering, querying, and
calculating the application will perform. When you run a report to a file of any type, you can give the file a name by typing that name into the Output file field. The file you specified will then be written to your \Tix6\Output folder. (If you do not assign a name to the file, Wintix will name a text file “Report.txt” and a .DBF file “Report.dbf.” These files will also be located in your Tix6\Output folder and will be overwritten by any
future reports run to a file not otherwise named. If you want to keep a Report.txt or a Report.dbf, simply rename it with the same .TXT or .DBF extension.)