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What to do if you need to do a lot of refunds for a show or period of time

Something may happen where you need to refund a lot of tickets in a short period of time – a cancelled show or a building issue where you will be closed for repairs. In this case, searching for sale records … Continue reading

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How to disable printer driver updates when Microsoft updates its operating system

Sometimes Microsoft operating system updates can play havoc with ticket printer drivers, so you may want to manually update your printer drivers at a time of your choosing, instead. Microsoft says: Right-click the Start button and select Control Panel. Make … Continue reading

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How to create an email list of patrons

Go to Mailing list | Generate a mailing list | Export email. You can choose from a number of things to include on your list by going to each tab. For just a standard email list, go to the Fields … Continue reading

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The Purchase Link button in Edit a Show

If you are in Show | Edit a show | Internet options tab, you will see a Purchase link button. This button opens a window where you put a link to a different purchase site if you are holding an … Continue reading

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Add customer’s partner to a mailing list

In Wintix, go to Mailing list | Generate¬† mailing list | Create a new list. Give the mailing list a name. Choose your output type (in this case we want a spreadsheet to create a mailing list to subscribers. Click … Continue reading

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Adding images to your Webtix page – Wintix 6

Graphics make your Webtix page pop and keep your patrons engaged and eager to buy tickets. They are easy to add in Wintix. Image size doesn’t matter. We recommend using images no larger than 4MB. While the database can handle … Continue reading

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Don’t use dates for price category names in shows or packages that reoccur

It might be tempting to add a date – like a year – to a price category for a show or package that you sell and perform each year. Here is a good example. This price category is named C … Continue reading

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How to improve your Webtix site in a few simple steps

Little improvements can make a big change when it comes to how your online patrons experience buying tickets. You can make the experience easier and more pleasant by making a few simple changes to: Update your logo Select a background … Continue reading

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How to add a user to Scantix

First you need to download the Center Stage Software Scantix app to your phone. Depending on your phone type, either go to the Google Play Store or the iPhone app store. Search for ‘center stage software scantix’ to find the … Continue reading

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How to exchange tickets in Wintix 6 for a donation

Sometimes a patron won’t be able to use their tickets or season passes and will want the money they have paid to be a donation, instead. Here is how to do that. Go to¬† Sales | Sales Records | Search … Continue reading

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