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Selling an item connected to a show in Wintix 6

NOTE: Learn how to add items for sale here. Do you want to sell non-ticketed or concession items (for example, a red rose or a box of candy during Valentine’s Day, or a t-shirt, etc.) in Wintix while your selling … Continue reading

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Add sales items or merchandise to sell in Wintix 6

Go to File | Sales items. Click the Add a sales item button. Notice that a new item is added to the top left column of inventory items and in the Item name field. Click your cursor in that field … Continue reading

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How to set up minimum number of tickets purchased

You may want to set up a minimum number of tickets that must be purchased to receive a special price. This could be for group sales or for a promotion of some sort. Decide which price category you want to … Continue reading

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How to make a reservation

Go to File | Payment types and make sure that Reservation is listed as Payment type. If it isn’t listed, click on Add a new payment type and add it. During a sale, don’t enter a payment in the Payment … Continue reading

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How to run a report that shows you who is sitting in what seats

Go to Reports | By show | Single performance Choose your show in the left column. Choose the performance date in the right column. Choose your output preference from the drop down on the bottom left. Click the Seating chart button. … Continue reading

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Emailing setup instructions for Postmark – Wintix 6

Click on File | Email settings. Fill out the form (see below for specifics) and click on Save settings. Mail server: smtp.postmarkapp.com. Ports can be 25, 2525, or 587. When using the Standard radio button, input port 25 or 2525. … Continue reading

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Can Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel be used to track just one single event on our Webtix shopping cart?

The short answer is no, not at this time. There is no way to track only one event in a Webtix shopping cart. If you want to track only a single event, Center Stage Software will need to create a … Continue reading

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How to return seats/tickets after refund

NOTE: It is recommended that you return seats or GA tickets FIRST before issuing a refund. Go to the Sales record. Click on the Payment tab. Below, we will show you how to refund 1) cash or a check; 2) … Continue reading

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Use a separate URL for each class and/or special program

A lot of our Wintix/Webtix users create extra revenue and close community ties with classes or special programs. As there can be a lot of registration forms, special incentives, etc.  the list of options on your website can be quite … Continue reading

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It’s important to back up (backup) your Wintix every day!

As someone famous once said, “One day your computer will not work. period.” While we hope that never happens to you, the way to best protect yourself is to back up your data every day. Period. To do a backup, … Continue reading

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