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How to use one price category for multiple price levels

Did you know that Wintix 6 allows you to use the same price category for unlimited price levels? For example, you can have several price categories listed as A, with different prices that correspond to different types of tickets. Here … Continue reading

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How to display ticket delivery methods for in-house sales

You can choose to have the ticket delivery method displayed in sales records for in-house sales Here is an example. Our venue wanted to have Tix emailed in Wintix to appear in the Ticket delivery method field. To have a … Continue reading

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How to stop Wintix from displaying the words “Form Choice Options” in the remarks field

If you use form choices, Wintix will automatically display Form Choice Options in the Sales record remarks field. Since Wintix displays the actual information selected with the form choices, you may not want it to also have the words Form Choice … Continue reading

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Use “anti-social” seating to make one buyer purchase all tickets in a group (ie. at a table, in a row, etc.)

Sometimes, you have a situation where, for example, there are four seats at a table or six in a socially distanced group, and if someone buys ONE ticket in that group, they are required to buy ALL tickets in that … Continue reading

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Pay what you can (PWYC) or pay what you like for season tickets or packages

You can offer your patrons the choice of paying what they would like to or can afford for season tickets. First, you must set up PWYC in the Initialization settings. In Wintix, go to Show | Edit a season package. Click … Continue reading

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How to run a donations report in Wintix 6

Go to Reports | By day | Donations. There are several variables from which to choose. Choose your starting and ending dates by clicking through the calendars or entering the dates. You can run the report and review what each … Continue reading

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How to input wheelchair seating (ADA rules) for sale through Webtix 6

Instructions for reserved seats with a seating chart Add the wheelchair and companion seating by going to Tools | Seating plans | <double click on your plan>. Double click on the seat you want to indicate is a wheelchair or … Continue reading

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If you change a date or time of a show in your season package, you must replace the show in the package

You can easily change the date or time of a performance.  PLEASE NOTE: All sales associated with the old date or time will be transferred to the new date and time.  If that performance is part of a season ticket … Continue reading

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How to search for a customer record if you use salutations/spouse’s names, etc.

Are you a symphony or other organization that has Wintix set up so that your customer records include special things like salutations or spouse’s names? First, you need to have numeric, incrementing accounts turned on.  When looking up a customer, … Continue reading

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How to run an IP address report

In Wintix, go to Reports | by Day | IP Addresses. Choose either Report for 1 IP address or List of IP addresses that have sales. Here’s for one IP address. You can input a starting date and ending date … Continue reading

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