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How to get links (quicklinks) to a show or performance (links or buy button codes) – Wintix 6

When designing your organization’s website, have you wanted to post your events using a poster or photo like the one below? It’s really easy to link your website’s show banners to specific show dates and times in Webtix. There are … Continue reading

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Offer a discount on Facebook and a link to buy tickets on Webtix

Want to offer a discount on a show through your Facebook page and give people an easy, direct link to buy those tickets in Webtix? It’s pretty simple to do by creating an offer on your Facebook page. People can … Continue reading

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Discounts in Wintix/Webtix 6 FAQ

Q, “When we add discount codes, is there a way to keep them from begin applied to child/student tickets?” A. There is no way to restrict codes from being applied to all tickets in the discount code setup All ticket … Continue reading

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Email a receipt from Wintix after a sale (Wintix 5 and 6)

When Webtix sales are complete, the online patron will see their receipt in their browser, and the receipt will also be  automatically emailed. If you make the sale in-house, you can choose to email the tickets when the transaction is … Continue reading

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How to get a Sales Items Report – Wintix 6

Go to Report by Show | Single Performance or | Run of show Click on the Sales items report button. A window will appear with sales items listed. Double click which item name for which you would like to run … Continue reading

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Make your email receipt into your patron’s ticket instead of attaching a ticket PDF

There has been an issue with delivery of ticket PDFs as attachments to an email that will only continue to grow. If you are using Wintix 5, we highly recommend that you start telling your patrons that their email receipt … Continue reading

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The Webtix admin site

Like a hidden pearl inside an oyster, Webtix has an admin site you can access and use anytime – even when you are away from the box office and your desktop computer. You can add or edit or get a … Continue reading

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How to add Gift certificates in Wintix 6 to be sold on Webtix

To learn how to sell gift certificates in Wintix, click here. To sell gift certificates on Webtix, first create a season package in Wintix that will serve as your gift certificate. Go to Show | Utilities | Add a new season … Continue reading

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Setting up a flex-pass season package in Wintix 6

Click here for instructions on how to select and sell season packages. In essence, a flex-pass is like a season gift certificate. The customer pays in advance for a certain number of tickets that are valid for a pre-determined time. … Continue reading

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Add information to Webtix by using Showinfo (Show info) and Perfinfo (Perf info) – Wintix 6

Wintix allows you to enter information about your shows and performances that will appear on your Webtix page to enhance the purchasing experience for your patrons when they buy tickets online. Here is where to enter the information and where … Continue reading

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