Selling tickets for a group renting your venue

(Last updated on: March 23, 2018)

If someone is renting your facility and only produces one or two events a year, it may not make sense for them to have their own Wintix software. You can sell tickets to their event using your own Wintix software very easily, and collect and distribute the monies.

All you need to do is add the new event in Wintix and create a link to give to the outside group. The outside group takes that link and embeds it in the “Buy tickets” button on their own website. When the online patron goes to the outside group’s website, they will be connected to the Webtix shopping cart with their own specific event.

We also recommend that you use your event type for this rental group so you will be able to run reports for your rental client.  Since the ticket revenue will be deposited into your bank account, you will need to run a GL report so you’ll be able to accurately calculate how much to pay the rental client.


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