W as a price code or a wheelchair symbol

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2018)

A Wintix/Webtix user was concerned about seats that looked available in-house…

… but not online…

They were concerned that it might create a double sale.

Their concerns were unfounded as Wintix will not allow a double sale to happen.

What DID happen is that W and w were working double duty: 1) as price codes and; 2) as ADA seat indicators.  The clerks were confused as to whether those W seats were sold or not.

NOTE: We recommend you do NOT use a price code W or w if you have ADA seating in your reserved seating plans.

When seats are sold, Webtix shows them as unavailable.   Your box office people should be able to see that the seat is not for sale, even though there is a W or w.

When a seat is available, the seating chart will have a sale # zero.

There will be no chance of double selling seats.  The only way you may encounter a so-called double sold seat is when a a patron calls to cancel her sale when she has the actual physical tickets in her hand. The box office cancels the sale.  However, the patron does not tear up her tickets and then forgets the sale was cancelled. She shows up on the day of the concert and shows her tickets. However, you can run your show report and the report will show the seats were cancelled and sold to someone else.

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