How to add gift certificates in Wintix 6 to be sold on Webtix

(Last updated on: November 20, 2020)

To learn how to sell gift certificates in Wintix, click here.

To sell gift certificates on Webtix, first create a season package in Wintix that will serve as your gift certificate.

  • Go to Show | Utilities | Add a new season package.

add season package

  • Enter “Gift certificate”or whatever is suitable for your organization, then click the Create package button.

gift cert

The Editing a season package window appears:

  • Check the box Keep track of seats remaining and enter any number in the Total capacity and Seats remaining fields.
  • Optional: It’s not necessary, but if you want to add an Event type or GL code designation, you may do so now. If you do not have Gift Certificate in your Event types or GL codes, you may add these under File | Event types and File | General ledger codes.

  • Next, click on the Season prices button.
  • Input your data in the Price categories, Price and Print on tix columns, in the same way you would add this information for your individual shows and performances as well as your season packages.
  • NOTE: in the Print on tix column, Wintix will accept alphanumeric characters as well as the (dollar sign) character. Whatever is input in this column will print on your tickets.
  • Click on the Save changes button.

  • NOTE: Wintix 6 has a Details column.
  • When you click on the Details column, the Details for Price category window appears.

  • Notice you have several options in terms of minimum and maximum that can be sold at that price, service charges, and on and off sale dates.
  • Next, click the On and off sale button.

  • Input the appropriate on and off sale dates and times, then click the Save button.
  • You can choose to include or exclude the certificate from internet sales.

You can now set up your gift certificate to be sold online.

  • Click on the Internet options tab. and follow the instructions on this Help Desk post. 
  • You will sell them as you would a Season Flex Pass. When you click on the link above, scroll down until you see: IF YOU ARE USING WEBTIX TO SELL TICKETS ONLINE








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