How to sell gift certificates in Wintix 6

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  • Your gift certificate would have been set up as a season package, so when selling a gift certificate in Wintix, go to Sales | Season package sale.
  • Choose your gift certificate package and click on the Sell the tickets tab.

  • Take the order under the person’s name who is paying for it.
  • In the Remarks field on the Finish the sale tab,┬átype in the name of the recipient.
  • Enter the name, address, etc. of the person receiving the certificate into your mailing list as a new customer.

  • In the notes/remarks section of the new customer, enter the sale number of the gift certificate purchase.

  • You will already have their information in your system when you need it.

Learn how to add gift certificates in Wintix 6 to be sold online through Webtix 6.

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