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(Last updated on: March 2, 2020)

Do we need to have to preset donation amount?  Can we have donations where we can type in the amount the patron wants to donate at the time of the ticket sale?  Sometimes they tell us “keep the change as a donation”, or “I’d like to add a $10 donation.”

You can certainly modulate a donation amount depending on a sale. Just add a donation sale item to the dropdown in the payment tab. Then during a sale you can select that sale item and enter in the dollar amount manually.

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Do we have to create Mailing list groups?  Where do you edit Group assignments?

Mailing list groups are created in the same window that you would edit Group domains. Group assignments can be edited in the Customer information window (on an individual level).

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How can we set up Wintix to email tickets to patrons?

For people that purchase tickets online, you can set up tickets to be automatically attached to their receipt. In-house emailing can be done at the end of the sale in three quick steps that follow the same pattern as printing the tickets.

  • In the Sale summary tab, check Print a receipt. Then complete the sale as normal.
  • When the Receipt window pops up, click Email- email tickets and click Print the receipt.
  • If the patron has an email in their information, it will automatically be in the Send to field. Just click send.

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The Payment tab in the sales records of Wintix 6 has a Do a refund button. Does this mean we don’t have to sign in to Authorize.net to issue a refund?  What about a partial refund?

Yes and yes. For a partial refund just change the refund amount.

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What is the displayed sort order in a Wintix show?

That determines in what order the shows are displayed online in Webtix and can be used to sort them alphabetically or chronologically.

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What is Value field in price categories for?

The short answer is that if you haven’t needed it before, you probably don’t need to worry about it now. The longer answer is that the value field breaks down a price over several different shows. It was originally created to account for the differences between shows in season tickets.

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What is the Run of Show button when you are setting up a show in Wintix 6?

You can use the Run of show prices to put in the price codes for the entire run of the show, instead of entering them in each individual performance. You can still enter price codes for an individual performance (by double-clicking the performance).

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When editing a Show | Internet options, what is  the Webtix ticket delivery button for?

This allows you to decide what delivery types the customer can choose when shopping online. For example, if for one show you wanted everyone to pick up their tickets at the box office only, you would do that here.

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Can we see the online Webtix interface in Wintix before it goes online?

Unfortunately there is no interface to see this in the desktop application.

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How does Remove duplicates work?

Wintix detects duplicates factors in name, street address, and zip code. When you remove duplicates (Under the Mailing list menu) you can see which duplicates will be removed. We recommend that you look at this list BEFORE removing duplicates by going into the names that you want to save and merging those duplicates together.

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Can permissions for each user transfer to other clerks?

Right now there is not a way to transfer permissions. The best thing to do is copy from another clerk.

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