Remove duplicate records (Mailing list | Utilities | Remove duplications)

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First, run a report of the duplications to a spreadsheet. That way you can refer back if you need to.

      • (To run the duplications report, go to Mailing List | Utilities | Remove duplications and click Report of the duplications.)
    • In the left Duplications column, the number indicates how many duplicate records there are.

dupes 2

  • Next, click the Remove duplications button.
  • You can check by either address or email.
  • For the address, Wintix will look at the zip code, the first letter of the last name, and a condensed version of the address.
  • If all of those match a record, the record will be marked as a duplicate and removed from the file.
  • The sales history from the record that is removed will be merged with the record that is kept.
  • The record that is kept will be the record that was entered into your database first.
  • The duplications that are removed are not really gone. They are put into an inactive table. You can search for these duplications the normal way with a generic search.
  • Look in the lower left corner and click on the Search the inactive customers table radio button.

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