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Run a report of duplications to a spreadsheet

If you are removing duplications from a mailing list, you may want to run a report of the duplications first. In Wintix 6, you can send the report of the duplications to a spreadsheet. Go to Mailing list | Utilities | Remove … Continue reading

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Edit a show | Internet options tab – the showinfo and performance info tabs

Wintix allows you to enter information about your shows and performances that will appear on your Webtix page to enhance the purchasing experience for your patrons when they buy tickets online. Here is where to enter the information and where … Continue reading

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Too many price categories appearing online in Webtix?

Have you ever just selected, say, two price price categories to sell online but there are more than that showing up from other domains? In Wintix, go to Show | Edit a show and click on the show. Go to … Continue reading

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How to see which seats have already been booked as season tickets while selling season tickets

A Wintix user reported that when she went to reserve season tickets today, the seats showed as open on her season ticket seating chart, but they had already been sold to a different patron earlier as a season ticket. To … Continue reading

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G L or General ledger codes

General ledger (or GL) codes are numerals or words you assign to different debit or credit entries to make accounting easier and more functional. By assigning numerals to different types of payables or receivables, you can spend less time entering … Continue reading

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How to make sure Wintix 6 automatically updates

Wintix 6 automatically updates when you first click on the Wintix icon to open the program for the day. (You will see a window informing you that it is downloading an update. Follow the prompts.) For Wintix 6 to automatically … Continue reading

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Authorize.net error 33 (email is required)

ERROR AIM 33 (Email is required) Are your patrons getting this error when they are trying to buy tickets online through Webtix? Are you seeing it when testing to see if your Webtix shopping cart is processing credit cards? Here … Continue reading

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How to get links (quicklinks) to a show or performance (links or buy button codes) – Wintix 6

When designing your organization’s website, have you wanted to post your events using a poster or photo like the one below? It’s really easy to link your website’s show banners to specific show dates and times in Webtix. There are … Continue reading

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Offer a discount on Facebook and a link to buy tickets on Webtix

Want to offer a discount on a show through your Facebook page and give people an easy, direct link to buy those tickets in Webtix? It’s pretty simple to do by creating an offer on your Facebook page. People can … Continue reading

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How to select and sell season packages – Wintix 6

The directions below are for both pre-assigned packages and flex passes. Go to Sales | Season package sale. The Season package sale window appears. To sell pre-assigned season packages: The list box on the left shows all available season packages. The list box on the right … Continue reading

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