What payment gateways do Wintix and Webtix work with?

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Both Wintix and Webtix work with Authorize.net (it’s owned by Visa).

Stripe is also a popular option.

NMI is also an option, though it only works with Webtix.

Since you are evaluating these systems, we recommend checking a few things:

  • How reliable have the services been? In our experience, both have been very reliable.
  • How helpful is the support? Stripe personnel are not available by phone – only by email and chat. Authorize.net has real humans (mainly in Utah) that are pretty good.
  • How expensive is the service? Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. Authorize.net charges a gateway fee plus the interbank charges. Every transaction can have a different rate, depending on the risk. This makes figuring out charges very difficult.


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