Getting an error message when you try to back up your Wintix?

(Last updated on: August 26, 2021)

Are you getting this message when you try to run a back up by going to Tools | Backup | Backup data?

“You need permission to access the tablespaces”

You need to download an update to the program we use for backing up called mysqldump.exe

Click on this link:

On the landing page

  • Click Direct download.
  • Mysqldump.exe will appear on your screen.
  • Click Show in folder.

It will open in your Downloads folder.

  • Right click the file.
  • Select Copy.

  • Find your Wintix 6 folder and open it.
  • Right click your mouse and click Paste.

  • Replace the file.
  • When replacing the file, Windows will display The destination already has a file named “mysqldump.exe”¬†and will show three choices. Choose Replace the file in the destination.


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