Selling an item connected to a show in Wintix 6

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NOTE: Learn how to add items for sale here.

Do you want to sell merchandise associated with only one show – like tee shirts or coffee mugs with the show’s name and logo?

Do you want to sell non-ticketed or concession items (for example, a red rose or a box of candy during Valentine’s Day, or a t-shirt, etc.) in Wintix while you’re selling tickets to a performance?

Here’s how:

  • First add the item(s) to the show. Go to Show | Edit a show and choose the show to which you would like to connect the item.
  • Once you are in the Edit a show window, click the Internet options tab.
  • Click the Sale items button. This takes you to the window below.

  • Click Add a new sales item from the list for this show.
  • Select the item from the pop up menu.
  • Click the Save changes button.

  • Sell a ticket to the show.
  • If the item has been set up as a suggested or required purchase, the item will appear in the left column.
  • If it is required, you will not be able to remove it.
  • If it is suggested and you wish to remove it, you can highlight it and click the Delete item button.
  • If there is an item that isn’t listed and you wish to add it, click on the Add item drop down list and choose the item.
  • Complete the sale as usual.

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