ValueCatDisp() – Create a Values report with only certain price categories

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The ValueCatDisp() function allows you to create a Values report with only the price categories you want. This is advanced programming, so if you would like to use this function, please let us know and we will help you from there.

The ValueCatDisp() function is pasted into a custom report. Below the required parameters are a series of screenshots demonstrating areas of input.

master_id – used to designate which show the report is for.
shows_id – used to designate which performance it is for. If this is entered as a zero, the report gives the totals for the run of the show.
lOldSales – tells Wintix to look in the Oldsales tables to find the data.
“where sale_num=” + str(sale_num) – optional query to use. In this case, you will get the values for only one sale. If there is a query here, it automatically overrides the master_id, shows_id and lOldSales.
“Xyxy” price categories to skip – optional. Using this will give you a report with designated price categories missing from the output.

  • Here is what the display looks like:

  • What it looks like on the report:
  • Double clicking on the control allows you to set the properties.
    You need to check Float and Stretch with overflow.

  • When you double click on the function, you can set the font (use a monospace font).

  • If you want to list the values as part of a sales record, add it like this:

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