How to do a partial exchange for a general admission (GA) seat

(Last updated on: February 16, 2023)

(Click here for instructions on how to do a partial exchange for reserved seats.)

If you want to do a partial exchange for a GA show:

  • Open the original sale record.
  • Click on the Tickets tab.
  • Reduce the number of tickets sold by the number of seats that are being exchanged.
  • Now click on the Change performance button.

  • A new window appears. Select the show from the left column and the performance from the right column.

  • Wintix asks you to confirm your exchange.

  • Wintix shows you that exchanged ticket cost $25 and wants you to update the exchange sale to reflect the price.

  • A new sales record is added showing you the ticket has been transferred to the new date.

  • Now you need to adjust the first sale to make it balance.

  • Here is the first sale.

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