Unencrypted connection message

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2016)

Have your customers been getting this message?


This would have come up in the last week or two. Is anything wrong with Webtix? NO. But, some things have changed.

What has happened is that the DNS authorities have been trying to get everyone to use secure connections. This means, that any web site that anyone goes to should be via an encrypted connection. This is a good thing.

It does mean changes, though. The biggest one is that you will need to use encryption when you open a site. Fortunately, this is simple. In the past, your customers have been going to a site (http://tix4.centerstageticketing.com/ or http://tix5.centerstageticketing.com). Now, they should be sent to    https://tix4.centerstageticketing.com or https://tix5.centerstageticketing.com. That’s it.

IMPORTANT: Please check the link to your Purchase Tickets button to make sure it says “https://tix4.centerstageticketing/sites/yourwebpagename” or “https://tix5.centerstageticketing/sites/yourwebpagename” NOT just “centerstageticketing.com,” as well as the https! If you are unsure what server your Webtix is on (4 or 5), please call Center Stage Software at 831-583-0641.

Changing http to https makes all the difference. What it does is tell the web site, “We will communicate in secret. No one will be able to eavesdrop.”

Is that actually a concern? Not really. If someone is purchasing a ticket, there really is not a reason to fear being spied on. Nor is there any value to watching someone purchase a ticket.

Of course, when the customer is paying, there is good reason to keep the details of the transaction private. That is why Authorize.net and Paypal insist on using secure transactions (with https).

What do you need to do? Simply call Webtix with https from your website. Most of our customers use Quicklinks. Those links also need to use https.

In the end, we will all be safer … uh … happier.


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