Create mailing list groups for marketing

(Last updated on: September 28, 2015)

Wintix allows you to simply manage your contacts and create specific, targeted mailing list groups for marketing campaigns.

In the main Wintix window, click on File | Mailing list groups

mailing list

From here, you can add and delete new groups, view and count group members and add names to a group.

Once you have your groups set up, simply add or assign names to each group.

Fan club or special promotion features

  • You can use groups to offer advance sales to a restricted group such as a fan club sales.
  • Members of a group can be based on whether they have purchased anything for a particular show, so you can add people to a group based on their sales simply by checking a box.
  • You can limit sales so once a group member has made a purchase through Webtix by checking Unlink after Webtix purchase on the mailing list window.



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