Initialization Options 1 Tab Wintix 6

(Last updated on: June 19, 2023)

Go to File | Initialization. The Initialization settings window appears:

The Initialization window is where you will setup Wintix to best suit the specific needs of your organization.

Select from the choices offered in the Options 1 tab.

  • Venue
    • The Venue field is where you enter the name of the presenting organization or facility. This information will appear on the tickets just as it is typed here.
  • Screen image
    • Personalize your Wintix screen with your company logo, cute kittens or whatever you want.
  • Force entry of names when selling tix
    • When selected, Wintix will not let you finish a ticket sale without entering at least a customer’s last name.
  • Attach a customer record to each sale
    • Allows you to keep sales records by customer.
  • Automatic lookup of addresses when selling tix
    •  Wintix will automatically look up addresses of customers during a sale so no need to manually enter them.
  • Collect publicity while selling tix
    • When selected, Wintix will ask “How did they hear about it?” with each ticket sale. Answers are stored with each sale record for use in the Publicity report.
  • Require passwords
    • When selected, all users will have to login to Wintix with a username and valid password. You can then set user “rights” or “privileges” according to the individual needs of your staff. Click on Tools |Password | Edit the list of users to get there. Login as Sysadm.

Warning: Do not turn passwords on until you give yourself permission to turn it off. Go into the password section to do this.

  • Use Windows default print dialog form
    • The best option for most operations
  • Prompt for backup when exiting Wintix
    • A helpful inquiry. Backing up is essential to your system and business.
  • Default price code for season package sales
    • Many theatres use “S” but you can choose whatever you like.
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