Good information about House Seats

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2015)
  • Whether on the seating plan or seating chart, a character 249, 232, 248, 254 are characters that Wintix and Webtix understand as available seats and patrons can purchase whether in house or online.   Once a particular character is replaced with a letter, like “H,” then the seat is not available for sale online.  How this applies for in-house sales is that the “H” seat hasn’t been sold but is not available for sale to the general public until released by the box office manager.
  • If the theatre client uses the same house seats for every performance, our recommendation would be to add the House seats in the seating plan. This way, when every performance is added with charts, those same House seats will be displayed.
  • If the theatre client needs to add House seats “on the fly” in order to install a soundboard for just one performance, this is what we recommend: Click on File | Initialization | Sale settings option. Add “H”in the field labeled: “symbols on the plans for house seats.” Next, do a sale and choose the seats and mark them with the “H” symbol to designate these seats as being house seats.  In the remarks, the box office manager can state the seats were removed for the soundboard.
  • If the H is on the plan itself, then changing the status of a seat from H to any of the previously mentioned characters on the chart will not change it online.  The seats will still show as ‘house seats’  on their Webtix page and online patrons will not be able to buy them.
  • The only way to designate ‘house seats’ on a single performance, is to have the plan using character 249, etc., then putting an H on the individual performance chart.
  • If you put the H on the performance chart, then if someone updates charts based on the plan, the H’s on the chart are taken back to the status that they are on the plan.
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