GoDEX RT200I tickets not printing correctly

(Last updated on: October 29, 2021)

NOTE: Learn how to  setup the driver and load tickets in a Godex RT200i printer here.

Are your tickets not printing as they should? It could be that you have removed a ticket from the printer without removing the stub that belongs to the ticket.

How do you know? Take a look at the back of the ticket below.

  • Each ticket is numbered. The same number is printed on the main ticket and the stub.
  • There is a white arrow on one of the black lines which calibrates the ticket. This shows you the direction to load the ticket. Notice there is about 1 1/4″ between the leading edge of the ticket and the black line.
  • Loaded correctly with the main ticket loaded first, the ticket stub is printed last.
  • There are TWO perforations for each ticket. One before the ticket stub and one after the ticket stub that separates each ticket.

  • Tear the ticket off at the SECOND perforation that is between two tickets.
  • You will know if it is separated correctly if the numbers on the main ticket and the ticket stub match.

PLEASE NOTE: If the ticket is still not printing properly, go here: https://www.godexintl.com/downloads?locale=en_US 

  • Download the RT200 Series Manual and turn to page 8.

  • Check the moveable sensor. It needs to be set at 0 (zero).

  • When you lift up the print head, this is what you will see.  The eyelets look like this:  ∙ ∙

  • Here’s another diagram showing the sensor eyelets on the underside of the printhead and at the base of the printer:  The movable lever that should be at zero is in the red circle.

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