Do you see white boxes or squares on your Webtix seating chart?

(Last updated on: May 22, 2019)

When you or your patrons are looking at a seating chart online, do you see any white boxes or squares where a seat should be?

  • The “seats” can be bought BUT there are no seats really there to buy. You can see in the receipt below, there is only a row number, but no seat numbers.

  • There are also no seat numbers on the Wintix sales record.

  • Let’s take a look at the chart that is attached to the show we were selling.

  • You can see price codes in the seats we just sold.
  • BUT there are no seat numbers and there ARE price codes.
  • Wintix interprets price codes as a space available for purchase.

If you have sold the non-existent seat:

Whether or not you have sold the non-existent seats, you will need to remove the price categories in the cells. This needs to be done in the seating PLAN, not the seating CHART.

Here are the instructions.

  • Determine which seating plan is attached to the show performance by going to Show | Edit a show | <double click the date> | Edit chart data. 

  • In the Plan name field, you will see the name of the seating plan (in this example, the plan name is “smallthe.”
  • Exit the show and go to Tools | Seating plans and find the show. Double click it or click the Modify this show button. 

  • You can see that there is no seat status in the non-existent seat cells but there are price categories, which you must remove.
  • Double click each seat and remove all price categories, then click the OK button.

  • Once the price categories have been removed, close the seating plan but make sure it is still selected.
  • Click Update all charts that are based on this plan.

  • The white squares in Webtix are now gone.

This problem can be avoided by cleaning up your seating plan. 

Even better, let us help you with creating and editing seating plans and charts. They can be quite technical and our experts can take care of it quickly and at a very affordable fee.

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