Sell and track donations as a “sales item”

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2019)

There are a couple of ways to handle donations in Wintix.

You can create a “Donations” season package.

But! If you create “donation” as a sales item, it can be added to any in-house sale without having to create a separate transaction.

Here is how to use this.

  • Go to File |Sale items.

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  • Click the Add a sales item button and create your donation. You don’t need to add any other information if you wish for people to choose their own amount to donate.
    • If you check the Suggested item box, “donation” will appear in the sales window.
    • Do not make it a Required item or you will not be able to delete it from the sale.

  • While making a sale, use the Add item dropdown menu to add a donation on the Payment tab.

  • When Donations appear, click on the TOTAL column and type in the amount.

  • In the Sales record, you can find the donation recorded on the Tickets tab.


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