Collect donations for a set amount or amount of your patron’s choice with a “Donation season package” in Wintix 6

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2020)

You can collect donations with Wintix and Webtix by setting up a season package with which to collect them.

See also: Get a Donate button for Webtix donations

We recommend that you set up your donations as a season package for online sales, so you don’t have to add a date.

See also: Sell and track in-house donations as sales items

  • Go to  Show |Utilities | Add a new season package
  • Fill out the Title and Abbreviation fields and click on the Create package button

  • The window below will open. (You can also access this by going to Show | Edit a season package and choose Donation.)
  • Enter the name, plus a random, large number in Total capacity.
  • Set the event type as Donation.

  • Click on the Season prices button.
  • Add your donation prices.

If you want patrons to choose their own donation amount (also known as pay what you can or PWYC):

  • Click the Add a price button.

  • Give the price category a name like “donate any amount” or something like that.

  • Click on the ellipsis in the Details column.
  • Leave the Price and Value columns at 0 (zero).
  • Leave the Print on tix as field blank.

  • The example below shows how patrons will be able to pick their own donation amount online.
    • Note that the amount of $500 under Anything was manually input.

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