2018 newsletters

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2018)

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2018 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

January 2018 Make an emergency plan as your New Year’s Resolution
White list our email addresses so we can reach you with important news
New Year Sale – 50% off selected ticket stock
Surflight Theatre shines brightly again
Meet Zoe – the boisterous parrot in the office
Come see our groovy Facebook page
February 2018 Ads & sponsors on ticket emails = $$$$$
Ask us what Wintix & Webtix can do for you
What is Webtix admin and why should you care
Let us whip you a seating plan, s’il vous plait
How the end of net neutrality will affect your organization
March 2018 newsletter Is “W” a wheelchair seat or price category?
Shorter printed reports for Wintix 6 users
Sell tickets for a group renting your space
Don’t let IE make your Webtix look ugly
Need more seats?
April 2018 newsletter Emailed receipts as tickets instead of ticket PDFs
Clean out that cache
Sell Webtix tickets on your Facebook page
How to find out if your Facebook data was accessed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Google Analytics makes safety and privacy changes
How to delete (much of) your Google data 
May 2018 newsletter Happy birthday baby bison
Are people not receiving your email?
Make sure you get important notices from Authorize.net
New Authorize.net training video
Who has permission to do it?
Spring clean your printer
The end of the net as we know it
June 2018 REMINDER: change http to https
Summer ticket stock on sail
Archive your old shows
Wintix 6 discount codes now itemized
Did your GA event get oversold?
It’s a purrfect time to download a Wintix update
July 2018 newsletter How to find “missing” customer records in Wintix
Run reports while drinking cocktails on the beach
Last updated date is now added to Help Desk posts
It’s your password – now change it
We’re still having a 60% off SAIL on ticket stock
August 2018 Box Office Barry will now help show you around the Help Desk
Talk with Center Stage before you buy a printer
Is the word “Stage” on your seating plan?
You don’t need to do anything about that Authorize.net email
Don’t let the ticket stock sale sail away without you
September 2018 newsletter Don’t be out of balance
School’s in at the Help Desk
The ticket stock sail is almost over
No wait! The sale is almost almost over
New BOOTIFUL ticket colors
Update your Wintix p-l-e-a-s-e
October 2018 Time to sell Holiday Gift Certificates
Hack prices for bloody good sales
Magically add info to Webtix shows
Bring reservations to life by converting them to sales
November 2018 We give thanks for you and all our blessings!
How to schedule and unschedule an automated report
2019 support increase
Order ticket stock for holiday shows
The “prompt for backup” message disappeared
Think twice before ignoring ADA ticketing requirements
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