How to add permanent House Seats

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2016)

A Wintix user asked, “If I modify a seating plan, and select a few seats as permanent House Seats, when I press the Update all shows using that plan button, will it select the seats even if they are already sold?

“I am a great one for not holding any house seats and then I have to scramble at the last minute. I thought this may hold them permanently, but we have already sold some seats to new season and did not want to mess things up.”

The answer is no, Wintix will not let you replace sold seats with House Seats. If you choose seats on the master seating plan for house seats, Wintix will not overwrite those seats that have already been sold.

To be safe, copy the plan, give the new plan a new name, and place your house seats on that plan. Use the new plan for those new shows that have no sales attached.

copy 2

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