Displaying seating charts in colors

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2016)

You can customize your seating plan colors by changing what is in the Status field for the seat.

  • Double-click on a seat and the Data window appears.
  • Click on the down arrow next to the Status field to see your choices.

data 2

Depending on the ascii characters you put in the plan, the background color will change. This is very handy for giving everyone a visual alert that certain sections of the plan are for particular price codes only (scale the house).

  • The default Character  249 is a high dot (?) on an aqua background:


  • Character 254 is a black block (?) on a red background:


  • Character  248 is a degree symbol (°) on a purple background:


  • Character 232  is the Greek letter phi (?) on an orange background:


  • Wheelchair seats (W) and companion seats (w) are also on an orange background:


  • This is what it looks like in Wintix:


  • This is what it looks like online in Webtix:

gen 2

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