How to sell parking permits with no specific date online with Webtix

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Click here for instructions if you need dates on your permits.

  • In Wintix, go to Show | Utilities | Add a new season package, so you don’t have to worry about inputting any dates. Enter an event called Parking Permit. See screen shot below:

add season pkg

  • Make sure all the boxes are unchecked.
  • Make sure you input a quantity in the Total capacity and Seats Remaining fields.


  • Enter in your season prices like normal. In this example, Price A = Daily parking permit.


  • To place parking permits for on sale online, click on On and off sale button. See screen shot below:


  • For the final step, click on Internet options | Domains to make sure the domain Internet has been input and you have chosen the price categories and payment type boxes.


  • Don’t forget to go to your Webtix shopping cart to make sure the “event” is displaying the way it should.


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