Printer drivers and set up instructions

(Last updated on: May 29, 2024)

About two thirds of our tech support deals with printers

In fact, many printing problems can be solved with downloading an updated printer driver. Here are links to download drivers for commonly used printers from Datamax, Boca, Practical Automation and Zebra.

If you need help with printers from any of the above manufacturers, please contact Center Stage Software. We will give you contact information so you may receive help directly from the printer company.

Set up instructions for some printers:


Datamax: Though we are no longer selling these printers, this information is for those who already own one.

Practical Automation

  • Practical Automation is no longer in business but we are researching if there are companies who service these printers for those who have them.


  • Zebra 2824 or 2844 Note: these are great printers, however if anything goes wrong with them, Zebra Technologies no longer supports them. The ZD 410 has replaced the LP 2800 series.
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