How to get a report on the history of a patron: number of seasons and total of sales

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2017)

Here is how to run a report to see the names, addresses, emails, dollar amount sold for season ticket subscribers.

  • Go to Reports | By show | Season ticket
  • Choose From Mainsale (which are your current season packages)
  • Check or uncheck the packages you want in the report.
  • Choose DBF as the type of file to create.
  • In out Output file box, type the name you wish to give the file you’re creating.


  • Click the Run report button.
  • Your DBF file has now been created. It is located in the C:\Tix7 directory on your computer.
  • You will see a yellow box appear with four options.
  • Choose 4. Cancel.

cancel 4

  • Now you’re back to the report screen.
  • This time, click only on From oldsales (Oldsales are shows that have been archived).
  • Check or uncheck the shows you want to include in this report.


  • Click the Run report button.
  • The yellow box comes up again, with three options.

append 2

  • Choose 2. – Append to
  • Another yellow box will come up with four options.

copy to

  • Choose 2. Copy to a spreadsheet.
  • You now have both the data from mainsales and oldsales in one spreadsheet.
  • You can find the spreadsheet in your C:\Tix7 directory.

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