Can you set up different promo codes for different seats or sections?

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A Wintix user asked us…

Q: “We want to offer a BOGO promo code, but we have three differently priced seating sections for the target show. Is there a way to do this? Can one code be used for all three sections? Do I need to set up three different codes?

A: Since the promo code pricing uses the $ as the price code, there is no way to scale the seating chart to allow a particular promo code to only be used on one section. You can add as many promo codes to a show as you’d like, however, any seat that has the $ as an available price code on it, can be purchased at any one of the promo codes you’ve added to the show. In other words, all promo codes will work on all seats.

Here’s an example of what it would look like in Wintix if you have three promo codes:


Learn how to set up promo codes in a performance.

And here’s an example of what it may look like in Webtix:

bogo 2

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