How to rotate text or images on tickets in Wintix

(Last updated on: January 5, 2016)

Did you know you can rotate text or images so they fit better on a ticket?

  • Go to File | Ticket setup.


  • Click the Windows printer setup button.
  • Your label designer will open up to edit ticket format. It will look similar to this:

  • Double click in the area you wish to rotate. The Field Properties window will open.
  • Select the Advanced tab at the top right side of the window.


There are several ways to make the change:

  • Type in the degrees of the angle you wish -for example, if you want it to be read from bottom to top, your Angle would be 270.
  • You can also click the word Rotation in the box wherever you would like it.
  • The third way is to click the up and down arrows until you are satisfied with the placement.
  • You will need to print the ticket on ticket stock to see the rotation of the text.  Print Preview will not show the change.
  • PDF format of the tickets:

Courtesy of Blue Gate Theatre


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