Wintix updater in Fundraiser: address change

A customer asked: When using Wintix Updater in Fundraiser, should an address change for a Wintix patron show up as an address change for their entry in Fundraiser? We have the button checked in the General Settings to include all Wintix customers and not just donors.

Answer: Unless you have “Just new customers, no updates” checked in the FundRaiser-Wintix updater, address changes to customer records in Wintix should update the matching FundRaiser master record with the address – and here’s (a simplified version of)  how it happens:

When you change the address in Wintix, a flag is set in Wintix to let the FR-Tix Updater know that there’s a change that needs to be put into FundRaiser.
When you run the FR-Tix Updater, it looks at the customer records in Wintix to see if there are any records that have changes that need to be sent to FundRaiser.  If so, it copies that customer information from Wintix and writes it to the matching master record in FundRaiser.

If you have your settings set to do so, the same process happens when you update a FundRaiser master record, sending updated information to the corresponding Wintix customer record.

Finally, the FundRaiser Wintix updater copies the Wintix Sales information so that they are visible on the FundRaiser “Wintix” tab.

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