Can’t print to the right printer? You may need an “Environment variable”

(Last updated on: August 6, 2021)

Wintix allows you to choose different printers depending on what you need printed.

  • Go to File | Label and receipt setup and click on the Printer defaults tab. You should see three buttons with ellipses. Clicking on these buttons brings up a window that allows you to choose the correct printer.

printer defaults 2

  • However, if those buttons are grayed out, you need an Environment variable to make them active.

grayed out

This will work for all versions of Windows:

  • Close Wintix.
  • On your main computer screen, right click on the Windows icon on the lower left of the task bar.
  • Click on Search.
    • Note: (In Windows 7, left click in main window and the search box will appear).
  • In the search box, type either of the following:
    • edit the system environment variables.
    • advanced system settings.

  • Your search will produce a screen with only one option to click on, which is:
    • Edit the system environment variables (or)
    • Advanced system settings

  • Click Environment Variables.
  • There are two sections on that screen:
  • User variables
  • System variables
  • Be sure you add the wintixini to the System Variables.

  • Under system variables, click on New.
  • Variable name: wintixini¬† (the variable name is always wintixini)
  • Variable value: Please pick a word or phrase that is unique to each computer. For example, Dianescomputerini or Davesworkstationini.
  • NOTE: there is NO dot between the computer’s uniquename and the ini.¬† It should NOT be uniquename.ini)

  • Click the OK button on all open windows until the function closes.
  • Open Wintix and go to File | Initialization and click on Save settings. You will see that a new ini file was created.


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