Ticket delivery methods for Wintix in-house orders

(Last updated on: September 24, 2015)

For Wintix orders, you may choose a ticket delivery method (TDM) if you want to assign TDM to each sales transaction.  When doing an in-house sale in Wintix, you may choose the TDM for a specific transaction.  See screen shot below:

TDM wintixBy doing so, you can run a Report | By day | Ticket delivery method. You can generate a report for all sales – see below:

tdm reportOr, you can generate a summary report:

tdm report 2

NOTE:  If you have assigned a dollar amount for the “to be mailed” Ticket Delivery Method, this will not be applied to in house Wintix orders.

If you need to apply a mail order service charge for your over the phone ticket orders or mail orders, this is done by creating a payment type in your payment type table.

  • In Wintix, click on File | Payment types. See below screen shot:

payment types 2

  • Perform a regular sale that will be paid for using a check.  When you get to the payment tab, choose the payment type Mail order by check.
  • Notice the amount of $3.50 is automatically input under the Service charge field.

mail order checkTo learn about setting up or changing ticket delivery methods for Webtix, click here.


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