Webtix5 release 2014.06.10

Code modifications include:
1) Enhanced the orphan seat check with Webtix6 capabilities so that it can be database controlled.
2) Modified barcode file syntax to be PHP5.4 compatible.
3) Added double-line corner images to the seating chart.

Files updated since Webtix5 release 2014.05.16:

  • selectseats_ichart.php
  • _media/image_187.gif
  • _media/image_201.gif
  • _includes/config_template.php
  • _includes/libf_renderSeatingChart.php
  • _includes/module_rtt/rtt_selectseats_ichart.php
  • _includes/module_install/lib_displayMiscSettings.php
  • _includes/barcode/debug.php
  • _includes/admin_testRequirements.php
  • _includes/test_version.php
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