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A Wintix user was getting an error message every time a patron purchased a ticket online.

There  was an error while attempting do deliver your message with 
[Subject: "Admin Copy - Purchase Receipt - Emmylou Harris"] to
 (her email address). MTA received 
this response from the destination host IP - - 550 , 5.7.1 
(her email address): Recipient address rejected: 

What was happening was her notifications were being sent from They are listed as *from* her. Her mail server 
notices that the sender was not the same as the computer sending it. 
Therefore, it rejected the email that was supposed to go to her.

If this happens to you:> Solution:
> 1) Access's settings page.
> 2) Add Webtix5's response url into as "allowed":
> 3) Perform a Webtix5 test purchase.
That will take care of it.
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