Go to Event Type to change your default purchase button to display the word donate or any other text for Webtix

(Last updated on: March 28, 2024)

Want to change your Webtix default purchase button? Go to Event type in Wintix and you can easily change it there.

You have a default button that says Purchase on your Webtix site for all the shows you are selling.

Just go to File | Event type to  change the text that displays on the button. You can have it read Donate or any other word(s) of your choice.

For example, to make Webtix recognize a show as a donation, go to:

NOTE: Follow these instructions to change the button to read whatever you wish. 

  • File | Event type | Add new event type = Donation 
  • In the Donation show, click on the drop down box and choose Donation as the Event type.
  • You can always change the Purchase text and Label text to read Donate and Donation, if it says something different.

  • If you go to Edit a show after you change it, you see that the Event type now displays what you input.

  • Webtix will recognize this show as a donation and display a button labeled Donation instead of Purchase.
  • And this is how it looks online:

  • The shopping cart shows the Label text of Donation.



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