Setting up a show that has both reserved and general admission seating for Webtix

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2016)

1. Create a seating plan for your reserved seats. For our purposes here, our test show is called “Florida Snow.”

2. Create another seating plan for your GA (general admission) seating plan. Since you don’t have real “seats” just create a grid with the correct number of GA seats in it. In our example, this plan is called “For Sounds on the Grounds” and it has a total of 1,000 seats.

IMPORTANT! When you create your plan: make sure Put in letters for the rows is unchecked.

sounds on the ground

3. Here is the plan. Put your cursor at the top left dot.


4. Click on Plan tools | Renumber seats | Select New ranking for #1 Seating preference #1 | Okay.


5. You will now see a number for the seat rankings in the information box below the plan.

dot two

6. Attach both seating plans to the show. Then, go to Show | Edit a show and double click on the show. You can see from the screen shot below that Use a seating plan and Use multiple charts for this performance have been checked.


7. Now click on Edit chart and double click on each chart. Then click the button Data. For the one you want to show a reserved seating chart, make sure to check Use interactive chart (Webtix only). Make sure it is unchecked for the General Admission seating chart and save your work.


8. Finally, go to Show | Edit a show | Internet options. Make sure only Use the ranking Seating preferences #1 is checked.


9. When a customer selects a General Admission purchase online, they will get a drop down menu of prices and categories, NOT a seating plan.


10. You must also use a “mapped graphic” (ie. a seating plan graphic, in most cases) in Webtix to accomplish this. Here are the instructions to map the graphic and to enter graphic and map coordinates in Wintix.

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