Get a mailing/email list of subscribers to remind them to renew their season tickets/packages

(Last updated on: July 20, 2022)

There is a fairly simple way to run a report when asking subscribers to renew their season passes. You can run a spreadsheet to include email and physical address.You can run a spreadsheet that includes their email and physical address to use for a renewal campaign.

  • Go to Reports | by Show | Season tickets.
  • By default, the Season ticket report window will open with a list of ALL season tickets check-marked.
  • If you don’t want all of them checked, click the Clear all button and check the ones you want in the report.
  • Click the Season ticket renewal radio button.
  • Select Spreadsheet in the dropdown menu.

  • The spreadsheet will contain all the data that can be included in each sale.
  • You will need to clean up the sheet and delete all unnecessary columns.
  • Depending on how you will use the cleaned up renewal spreadsheet, some of the columns you will most likely want to keep are:
    • A – sales number
    • I- total tix
    • J- total sale
    • Q – Seat list
    • CV – First name
    • CW – Last name
    • CZ – DC – Address
    • DK – Email address

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