Wintix quits with no messages

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NOTE: This post is primarily for our support team.

This is a rare problem when Wintix quits and goes back to your desktop. There are no messages. When you restart Wintix, the same thing will happen at the same place. None of the other computers in the office have the problem. Getting an update to Wintix does not solve the problem.

Diagnosis: One of the Windows supporting files is damaged. The Windows error log will tell you. Very often, it is the MSVCR71.dll and MSVCP71.dll files.

Solution: Rename both of the files to MSVCR71.bad and MSVCP71.bad Retry Wintix. Usually, there are duplicate copies of the files in the Windows subdirectory. Wintix will use them and the problem is solved. If that does not work, let us know. We can replace the files with a quick download.

* Trivia note: MSVCR stands for Microsoft Visual C Runtime.

For the permissions problems, you need to create a text file called config.fpw. Use Windows Notepad to create the file andsave it in the \Wintix6 subdirectoryHere are the contents:



  • Config.fpw goes in the same subdirectory as Wintix
  • The folder C:\Temp has to exist
  • The user needs read and write permissions on that folder
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