How to assign reserved seats to general admission (GA) tickets

(Last updated on: February 1, 2022)

There may be a situation where you want your online Webtix patrons to buy GA (general admission) tickets, but then you want to assign them reserved seats in-house in your box office. This could be a scenario where you want to determine social distance seating manually, instead of having Wintix do it automatically,

  • In this example, we’ve set up our show to use a seating plan. We will use that one to assign seats, and to sell tickets in-house.
  • When we double click on the March 24, 2023 performance of GA Testing that has “8 pm” as the time, you see the Use a seating chart box checked.

  • To make online patrons only be able to choose GA tickets, we are now going to add another performance that is the same but DOESN’T use a seating plan.
  • In the same show, go to Show | Edit a show | Add date.
  • Enter the same date and time as the other performance but give yourself a clue that this will be the one that is for the GA tickets. (In our example, the time now reads “8:00 pm” versus “8 pm.”

  • In this performance, we have told Wintix NOT to use a seating chart.

  • We have also chosen for this show to be available online by leaving the Exclude from internet sales box unchecked.

  • Go back to the “8 pm” show that doesn’t have a seating plan attached and make sure the Exclude from internet sales box is not checked.

  • Since you excluded the performance with the seating plan, buyers will only be able to choose GA seats online.

  • Here is the example of the payment page.

  • To change the GA tickets into reserved seats, find the sales record in Wintix by going to Sales | Sales records | Change performance. 

  • Wintix will prompt you to select a different performance.

  • Say Yes.

  • Now the correct seating plan appears and you can choose reserved seats.

  • The sales record now reflects the seats you have chosen and you can email your patron a new receipt.

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